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Self-service food ordering KIOSK

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Update time : 2018-04-08 17:55:20
By changing the traditional waiter ordering service mode to the customer self-service order mode, the ordering and payment can be completed on the self-service ordering machine. There is no need for human intervention throughout the journey, which relieves the pressure on the cashiers (waiters) for ordering.
  1. Cost saving - Using electronic menus. The menu can be updated at any time, changes are made at any time, and the cost is lower.
  2. Efficient ordering - Self-service ordering. It shorten the time for ordering, checkout, and complete  payment in 10s.
  3. Consumer trend tracking - Through the management system (WiViTouch only provide hardware), seller can accurately understand the customer's consumption dynamics and follow up in time, and can quickly adjust dishes, improve services,publish advertisements and launch promotions. 
  4. High-end fashion - Fashionable appearance and touch screen. 

Main Features:
*Floor standing / wall mounted type both available
*Rugged design
*10 points PCAP waterproof touch screen
*Dual screen/ single screen available
*Support Multiple payment: Card reader/barcode scanner/NFC payment.0
*Worldwide certificate approval,including ISO9001, ISO14001, RoHS, CE.

Technical support:
Design Single screen Dual screen
Size 32inch 32inch
Viewing size 430.3*735.7 430.3*735.7mm
Resolution 1920*1080 1920*1080
Brightness 400cd/m2 400cd/m2
Contrast 1400:01:00 1400:01:00
LCD screen Original LG A grade new screen Original LG A grade new screen
Viewing angle 178/178 178/178
Kiosk Size 1059*454*157mm 1205*454*87mm
Computer Intel 1037U,4G memory,128G SSD,WIN7/8/10 English Test Version,WIFI.
Glass 4mm Vandaproof 7H glass
Touch screen 10points PCAP touch screen
Printer 80MM thermal printer
Scanner 2D barcode scanner
POS POS machine or RFID card reader avaibale 
Package Carton box + International Standard Plywood Case
Warranty 1year

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