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What is double-sided hanging screen?

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Update time : 2021-08-26 10:52:30
Double-sided hanging screens are changing the retail market.
In the past, when we came to the mall and products, we had to look at the information printed on the packaging of the product to know the material, size, etc. of the product.
In addition to the quality of the product itself, another important factor is the price of the product. Nowadays, many businesses still mainly rely on printed labels to attract consumers' attention, in order to obtain positive responses from consumers.

Today, with such advanced display technology, some new technologies have been applied in the retail sector. The double-sided hanging screen adopts LCD integrated backlit display. It is hoped that through high-definition display technology and hanging installation, space saving and other advantages will bring benefits to consumers and business.
Based on our previous shopping experience, we are envisioning a shopping environment. When we walked into the decoration store, we looked at a lot of samples, and often the samples displayed did not have the colors and sizes that we like.
At this time, we either turn around and go shopping for others; or call the shopping guide to ask for more detailed information about the product.But in the world of smart display, this is not necessary. Once consumers go to the designated area where the product is purchased, we can display discount information about the product through the double-sided hanging screen, or more detailed information such as the style and size of the product.
In this way, even if there are no shopping guides in the store, consumers will not have any obstacles to shopping, which can create a shopping scene with a sense of technology for consumers.
On the LCD screen, we can play videos to show consumers more application scenarios of the product, so that consumers can bathe in the happy scene of using the product.
According to the feedback from merchants who have used the double-sided hanging screen, the LCD display screen has now become a marketing artifact of the store. It can send marketing information, discount information on products, and interact with consumers anytime and anywhere.
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