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Smart Bus Station

Via wireless network to calculate the bus real-time arrival time through central control server host, and publish the calculated result into the smart bus station signage. To forecast and release information.



  1. Smart bus station signage display dynamic bus information to the passengers. Passengers can see clearly the bus real-time arrival time and how many buses coming to the present bus station.
  2. Smart bus station signage can display news programs, also can play commercial advertisement to increase the operating income of bus companies. Also it can release government announcements and emergency bulletin information if necessary. 
  3. Through the camera in smart bus station, it can check the real-time site video, so monitoring and dispatching center can dispatch bus for actual traffic.
  4. The smart bus station camera, can be used as a traffic surveillance camera, to monitor the daily operation of the bus, the stop order of bus and the driver's driving style.
  5. As an important public infrastructure, the smart bus station camera can provide surveillance function for social security.
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