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Double-sided Super-thin LCD display

Item No.: WVK-43-AD
Ceiling hanging, space-saving; 500nits brightness, clear to see;
1080P HD resolution, comfortable experience; Simple design super-thin depth, perfect fit for any modern store; Dynamic ads, vivid telling brand story/promotion info. Can display same conten
Double-sided Super-thin LCD display

Instead of the static poster in-store, our double-sided super-thin display broadcast more vivid info to the audience.
One side face to a passer-by with 700nits to play bright image and info, while they get into the store, the other side 500nits will play ads to enhance the customer experience.

Main features:
*Double-sided display, support display the same contents on 2 screens or display different contents on 2 screens;
*500-700nits brightness, readable in the strong light environment;
*Ceiling hanging type to be a dynamic poster to the audience;
*Content Management System allows split-screen, mix text, music, images, videos together, also support remote control and remote update content.

Shopping mall
Snack bar
Movie theater
Government affairs center
Insurance company
Security company

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