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Item No.: WVK-OFS-55A
High brightness LCD panel and anti-glare glass, comfortable to watch outdoor;
Perfect sealing structure, IP65 guaranteed;
Waterproof sound speaker;
Competitive price.

WiViKIOSK outdoor kiosk advantages:
1.Waterproof Cabinet design

The shell is made of 1.5mm galvanized steel plate;

Surface printed by outdoor powder, Shell’s color can be customized according to customer demand;

The life span of the shell is over 7 years;

2.Vandaproof Glass:

6mm double sided laminated glass, coated with AR anti glare;

Its characteristics as high permeability Light, low reflection, vanda-proof; 

Prevent 99.99% UV, prevent 52% solarradiation Radiation heat;

Light transmission:over 97%, the reflectivity :less than 3%;

3.Industry Monitor:

Industrial grade special display;
Size ranges from 32" to 98";

LED backlight brightness:1500cd/m2;

Resolution :1920*1080;

Industrial grade power supply,

With the automatic photosensitive probe, it can adjust the light brightness according to the environmental.

4.Play System

Embedded network information release system;

Support picture, video, text format;

Support cable network transmission;

Supporting offlined documents issued to play;

Server management software;

5.Electric control system

The totally power supply control circuit breaker;

The timer can be segmented timing control;

Automatic switch machine;

6.Cooling system

Using intelligent straight wind temperature control;

Work smoothly in -20-45 degree environment ;

Automatic temperature, ensure the machine internal temperature in the 5-25range;

Ensure that the direct sunlight without blackening liquid crystal screen;

Filter system with high precision.
7.Touch screen
Reliable quality P-cap touch screen or well-performing touch foil. Multi touchpoints supported.

Why Choose Us
. Business organizations: 
Supermarket, Shopping mall, Hotel, Restaurant, Pharmacy
2.Non-profit organizations: Airport, Railway/bus station, Exhibition, Museum, Hospital, School,      Convention center, Lottery station, Government affairs center
3.Financial organizations: Bank, Insurance company, Foundation, Security company
4.Entertainments: a Movie theater, Club, Bar, Salon, Gambling house 

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