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WiViKIOSK 49" 4cm extreme slim digital signage

WiViKIOSK 49" 4cm extreme slim digital signage is space-saving and comfortable looking. It's easy to operate and support remote upgrading.
WiViTouch Wall mount 49" 4cm Extreme Thin Android Digital Signage 

This one adopts android board, appearance to be very slim.

 Android PC configuration:
 A20 motherboard, 1G RAM, 8G FLASH
 Android 4.4.2 
 Support USB real-time read and play data
 Support divided screen - few independent regions to play music, picture, video, flash .etc
Touch screen is available to add.
* Bank
* Shopping mall
* Super market
* Office / Residential building
* Hospital
* Airport
* Train/Bus station
* Hotel 
* Exhibition
* 4S
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