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WiViKIOSK Interactive Whiteboard

WiViKIOSK interactive whiteboard is combined with the current cutting-edge operating system Windows 7/8/10 perfectly, achieving multiple touch. It can instinctively and naturally zoom, rotate, annotate(or other operations) pictures, videos, web pages, documents, etc. , making touch function be more light and smooth. It makes the touch experience to a new height, and fully embodies the unique charm of human-computer interaction.

Product Advantages 

  • Product Advantages 
  • Built-in PC module (OPS-C, can be pulled out and inserted, can also use traditional modular computer) 
  • All connected lines are built-in 
  • Ultra-thin case 
  • Ultra low standby power consumption 
  • Front-facing common ports, easy to operate 
  • Press the power switch to turn on or turn off the machine directly 
  • Turn off the back light individually and automatically 
  • Cut over external videos automatically

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