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TFT-LCD ultra-wide LCD screen advertising stretched bar lcd display

Item No.: WVT-TXP-280HD
Different to the traditional LCD digital signages, the ultra-wide stretched bar LCD display is space-saving, energy-saving and flexible. Cut from the high-quality LCD screen, offers the high space utilization to get fit in most of the space-restricted pla

TFT-LCD ultra-wide LCD screen advertising stretched bar LCD display

Resizing LCD

2. Ultra-Wide LCD Screen 

3. LED Backlight

4. Brightness 500-700 nits

5. Low Power Consumption

6. High Uniformity

7. Slim Bezel 

8.Worldwide certificate approval, such as RoHS, CE, and FCC

Applicable areas: public transportation, subway, airport, shopping mall, security monitoring, command and dispatch center, exhibition center display system, multimedia teaching, government unit, school studio, video conference system, multi-function display Hall, entertainment, restaurants, publicity display, brand store image display, television, business exhibition hall.

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